Podcast Interviews

Design Emergency Podcast Episode 3
Paolo Antonelli Interviews Mae-ling Lokko on Building with Agrowaste. URL

Living Cities Forum 2022
Material Flows—Keynote by Mae-ling Lokko. URL

Living Cities Forum 2022
Mae-ling Lokko in Conversation with Bloomberg’s Melbourne Bureau Chief, Chris Bourke. URL

In Search of the Pluriverse
Thriving on Mull Detour Talk - With Mae-Ling Lokko & Henriëtte Waal (Accra/Arles/The Hague). URL

NPR 51%
Female Architects Creating Community Gardens. Episode 1662 . (air date: May 5, 2021 ). URL

Nature of Enclosure Podcast.
with Daisy Ames, Daniel Barber, Mae-ling Lokko. Episode 7. UrbanNext. (air date: December 04, 2020). URL

People’s Science.
Mae-ling Lokko Interviewed by Erin Balding. Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy NY. (air date: July 6, 2020). URL

Istanbul ’74 Podcast.
How do We Make it Into the Future? Mae-ling Lokko Interviewed by Gabriel Kozlowski. Apple Podcasts. (air date: June 20, 2020). URL

Rensselaer Why Not change the World Podcast Season 2.
The Future of Building Materials and Supply Chains. Mae-ling Lokko and Jennifer Pazour. The RPI Podcast (air date: May 20, 2020). URL