Grounds for Return, Mae-ling Lokko Solo Exhibition
Hasselt, Belgium, September 2021 - January 2022


26 Degrees North and South, Mae-ling Lokko, Vienna Biennial
Austria, Vienna, May-October 2021

Selected Past 

Groundmurmurs, Mae-ling Lokko and Gustavo Crembil, Sonsbeek Biennial 20-24,
Arnhem Netherlands, July-August 2021

The State of the Art of Architecture”
Triennale Milano, Milan, Italy, February 2020

Hack the Root in “The Art, Design and Future of Fungi”
Somerset House, London, UK, January-April 2020

Agrocologies in “Housing the Human”
Radialsystem, Berlin, Germany, October 2019

School of Schools “Carbocycene”
Atelier Luma, Luma Foundation, Arles, France, May 2019

Agrocologies Exhibition in the Copenhagen Architecture Festival Royal Academy of Danish Arts (KADK), Copenhagen, Denmark, April 2019

Yale CEA Ecological Pavilion Nairobi, United Nations Environment Programme 
Nairobi, Kenya, March 2019

Palaver + palaver at the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial 2018,
Studio X Istanbul, September-November 2018

AgroDerivatives: Permutations on Generative Citizenship in Biodesign,
Rhode Island School of Design, August-September 2018

Hack the Root at the Liverpool Biennial 2018
Royal Institute of British Architects, July-October 2018

Commissioned Hack the Root Public Installation and Agromaterialisms Exhibition at RIBA-North
Funded by Arts Council England, RIBA-North, Liverpool Biennial and CAVA

Accra: Portraits of A City Exhibition, ANO Ghana Institute of Contemporary Arts,  Feb 2017
Installation of 21st Century Biocomposite Materials for Inaugural Exhibition

Climate Change Exhibition, Mmofra Foundation (Accra, Ghana), October 2016
Installation of Exterior Agricultural By-Product Building Structure

Chale Wote Street Art Festival, Jamestown (Accra, Ghana), August 2016
Upcycling Pavilion with CASE-RPI and Serge Attukwei Clottey

Past (Selected)


Planet Matters, MAK, Vienna, (upcoming September 4, 2021)
Museum of Applied Arts (MAK), Vienna, Austria 

Sliver Lecture Series, (upcoming June 10, 2021) URL
Institute of Applied Arts, Vienna

Year of Uncertainty (YoU) Series, May 7, 2021
Queen’s Museum

80+40 Inaugural Lecture, April 16, 2021
University of Kansas School of Architecture. URL

Architectural Research Centers Consortium 2021, April 10, 2021
Closing Panel Speaker

On Value Circulation – Intersections of Food, Agriculture and Building Material Life Cycles-
Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain 
Roundtable Panelist, December 1, 2020. URL

Queens Museum, New York.
New Models of Material Life Cycle Design Research. Invited Lecture. October 5, 2020.

United Nations Climate Change: Cool Buildings for All.
Technical Expert Panel Presenter on Mitigation (TEM-M). September 30, 2020. URL

Coconut Coup D’etat: On Activating Generative Justice through Design. April 14, 2020.
Spitzer School of Architecture SCIAME Spring Lecture Series. City University of New York.

The State of Art of Architecture, (Milan, Italy) February 2020.
Triennale Milano, Milan, Italy. URL

A-Z Nights 12: Talk by Mae-ling Lokko (Hasselt, Belgium), November 2019. URL

Methodological Frictions Panels (Berlin, Germany), October 2019.

Are Cities for Everyone?” Panel (Stockholm, Sweden),  May 2019
ArkDes, Swedish National Center for Architecture and Design. URL

Upcycling: Housing the Human Panel (Copenhagen, Denmark), April 2019
Royal Academy of Danish Arts

4th Istanbul Design Biennial (Istanbul, Turkey) November 2018
Palaver + palaver Installation, Housing the Human Panel

Forecast Festival (Berlin, Germany) October 2018
Housing the Human Panel

Squash Nutrition (Liverpool, UK), September 2018
Guest Speaker

Demanio Marittimo. KM-278 (Ancona, Italy), July 2018
Housing the Human Competition Public Presentation

“In Conversation with Mae-ling Lokko”
Royal Institute of Architects-North (Liverpool, UK), July 2018. URL

Yale Center for Ecosystems in Architecture (New Lab, Brooklyn, NY)-
Transforming the DNA of the Built Environment (NYC), May 2018

Ruderal Ecologies Symposium (Troy, NY), April 2018. URL

Design and Empire Symposium (Liverpool, UK), November 2017. URL

MESH Creative Confab (Accra, Ghana), July 2017. 

New York Academy of Sciences, Summit on Science Enablement for the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (New York City, NY), December 2016
Summit Industry Participant

Bohlen and Associates (Seattle, WA), July 2016
AMBIS Technologies and Biomaterials Research Presentation

New York Academy of Sciences Proof of Concept Center Annual Meeting (New York City, NY), January 2016

AMBIS Technologies Inc. Presentation
High Tech Rochester Demo Day (Rochester, NY), June 2016
AMBIS Technologies Inc. Showcase Presentation

Upstate New York Clean Energy Demo Day (Rochester, NY), October 2015
AMBIS Business Technology Innovation Start-Up Presentation and Showcase

New York Clean Tech Open (New York City, NY), October 2015
AMBIS Business Technology Innovation Start-Up Presentation and Showcase

School of Architecture, University of North Carolina-Charlotte Lecture Series (Charlotte, NC), October 2014
Co-presenter with Chris Sharples (Research + Practice-CASE + SHoP Architects)

XXV International Union of Architect’s World Congress Conference (Durban, South Africa), August 2014
“Design for Society panelist and paper presenter

West Africa Built Environment Research Conference (Accra, Ghana), 2011 Session Co-chair. URL

Urban Heritage Strategies (Rotterdam, Netherlands), June 2011
National Delegate for Ghana

Selected Writings


Lokko, Mae-ling. Colonization of Air. In Nature of Enclosure, edited by Jeffrey Nesbitt.
Actar Publishers.

Lokko, Mae-ling. Mycelium Matters: Prototyping Deep Futures of Intersectoral Material Life Cycle Design towards Generative Justice Goals. In Bio/Matter/Techno. Weitzman School of Design. University of Pennsylvania.

Selected Past

Lokko, Mae-ling. 2021. Coconut Diaries. Commissioned by the Guggenheim Museum x eFlux. URL.

Ridwana, Iffat and Mae-ling Lokko. April 9, 2021. Investigating scales of performance: Ecomanufacturing of mycelium biocomposites in an informal settlement in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Architecture Research Centers Consortium 2021 Conference: Performative Environments. (Winner Best Paper Award). 

Lokko, Mae-ling. "Worldforming by Ghanaian Women in Architecture." In Archives of Women Artists,
Research and Exhibitions magazine. URL.

Lokko, Maeling. “Ground Zero”. In Tomorrow AnewURL.

Lokko, Mae-ling and Selassie Atadika. 2021. Proka Seed Library. MOLD Magazine Issue 5:
Seeds. Winter 2020/21. URL

Lokko, Mae-ling and Gustavo Crembil. 2020. The Architectural Design Studio as a Site for Investigating Comparative Models of Transatlantic, Academic-Industrial Partnership. Folio Journal of African Architecture: 2. URL

Lokko, Mae-ling. 2019. Exhibition catalogue for Ghana National Pavilion at 58th Venice International Art Biennial. URL.

Lokko, Mae-ling. 2019. “El Anatsui: Kente Rhapsody in 18 Pieces” in Frieze Magazine Issue 200. URL

Lokko, Mae-ling. 2018. “Life in Architecture” in Frieze Magazine Issue 196. URL.

Lokko, Mae-ling and Alexandra Rempel. 2018. “Intrinsic Evaporative Cooling and Weather-Responsive Natural Ventilation for Adaptive Thermal Comfort in Tropical Buildings.” International Building Physics Conference. Syracuse: NY. IBPC 2018. URL.

Lokko, Mae-ling and Ron Eglash. 2017. “Transforming the Poor Man’s Building Block: Value Creation, Translation and Circulation for Upcycled Indigenous Building Materials.” Folio Journal of African Architecture: 1. URL

Lokko, Mae-ling and Akwasi McLaren. 2017. “Finding a Place in the Sun.” In Book Series of the University
of Applied Arts Vienna, edited by Rector Gerald Bast, 304-6. Basel: Birkhauser.

Lokko, Mae-ling, Michael Rowell, Anna Dyson, and Alexandra Rempel. 2016. “Development of Affordable Building Materials Using Agricultural Waste By-Products and Emerging Pith, Soy and Mycelium Biobinders.” In 32nd International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture Proceedings, edited by Pablo La Roche and Marc Schiler, 881-887. Los Angeles: PLEA 2016. URL.

Lokko, Mae-ling, Dyson, Anna, and Vollen, Jason. 2014. “Building Integrated Coconut Envelope Systems: Rethinking the Role of Low-tech materials for High Performance in the Hot-humid Region” Proceedings of the XXV International Union of Architects World Congress, Durban, South Africa, August 2014. Ed. Asmira Osman, Gerhard Bruyns and Clinton Aigbavboa. Durban: UIA 2014 Durban, pp. 1368-83. URL.

Lokko, Mae-ling. “The Brazil House: A Return to The Future.” Pambazuka News, July 24, 2013. Accessed
December 15, 2013. https://www.pambazuka.org/global-south/brazil-house-return-future.

Lokko, Mae-ling and Carine Oberweis. “East African Architecture: Heritage & Tourism: Learning from Ghana.” ANZA Magazine: Issue 2, April 2012, 16-17.

Lokko, Mae-ling. “The History and Architecture of the National Museum (of Ghana).” ArchiAfrika Newsletter- Role of the Museum in African Today. December 2011.

Lokko, Mae-ling. 2011. “Old Accra Revisited.” In Heritage as an Asset for Inner City Development: An Urban Manager’s Guidebook, edited by Jean-Paul Corten, Ellen Geurts, and Paul Meurs.  Rotterdam: Nai Publishers. URL.

Lokko, Mae-ling. 2010. Brazil House: A Return to the Future. Book Commissioned by the Embassy of Brazil in Ghana, Accra: Surf Publications.

Selected Press / Media 

Another Tomorrow 

ICON Magazine Issue 204
The Grow Issue 

British Council News

Queens Museum
Year of Uncertainty (You)


Blueprint Issue 369
The Materials Issue (text by Debika Ray)

Elle Decoration

This is Mold

WNYT Television
RPI team says fungi could be the future of building

The Conversation
How fungi can help create a green construction industry

Changing Ideals: 1919-2019-2119

Berlin ArtLink
Glimpsing the Future at Copenhagen’s ‘Housing the Human’ Symposium Abitare Italy
Architects at the Copenhagen Festival

En Revenant de L’Expo

Visible Project

DAMN Magazine 

World Architecture Org
12 Must See Installation at the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial

The Essential Journal United Kingdom
Beautiful World Where Are You? 

DOMUS Istanbul
4th Istanbul Design Biennial. A blend of design, education and daily life

BBC News
Liverpool Biennial: Inuit, Aboriginal and 'indigenous' art on show

Royal Institute of British Architects Journal
Grow your own building by Pamela Buxton

Frieze Magazine

Frieze Magazine 
Life in Architecture - Mae-ling Jovenes Lokko

Art In Liverpool 2018
Building new futures: Liverpool Biennial artist Mae-ling Lokko By Patrick Kirk-Smith

The Biennial

The Guardian
Accra, Ghana ANO Art-gallery-opening-60-anniversary

Best Design Build Projects Worldwide 2017

Playtime In Africa, Mmofra-Foundation Ghana

Phys Organisation
CASE coconut building panels on display in Ghana

Callison RTKL
CallisonRTKL releases video on resilient architecture, The Case for Hope: Design and climate change

Rotch Foundation

Podcast Interviews

NPR 51%
Female Architects Creating Community Gardens. Episode 1662 . (air date: May 5, 2021 ). URL

Nature of Enclosure Podcast.
with Daisy Ames, Daniel Barber, Mae-ling Lokko. Episode 7. UrbanNext. (air date: December 04, 2020). URL

People’s Science.
Mae-ling Lokko Interviewed by Erin Balding. Sanctuary for Independent Media, Troy NY. (air date: July 6, 2020). URL

Istanbul ’74 Podcast.
How do We Make it Into the Future? Mae-ling Lokko Interviewed by Gabriel Kozlowski. Apple Podcasts. (air date: June 20, 2020). URL

Rensselaer Why Not change the World Podcast Season 2.
The Future of Building Materials and Supply Chains. Mae-ling Lokko and Jennifer Pazour. The RPI Podcast (air date: May 20, 2020). URL